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Article: Our History

Nuestra Historia

Our History

Onna Therapy was born with the premise of creating effective and sustainable cosmetics with the utmost respect for nature.

Onna Therapy responds to different concerns that give meaning to its existence, the search for maximum quality, maximum performance and minimum cost.

Onna Therapy adds to its specific formulas for the treatment of feet, body and hands, ingredients of natural origin and essential oils of great purity.

Onna Therapy has a wide range of products for the treatment of feet, body and hands.

Onna Therapy has been incorporating fruit as an ingredient in the preparation of its products since its beginnings, and the multiple virtues of fruit, as well as the technical development experienced in recent years, has made it possible to extract the active ingredients of any product. This has led our cosmetologists to resolutely introduce fruit into our products and production processes. Fruit is a product with a high vitamin and mineral content, rich in antioxidants and very moisturising. All this makes it a first-rate stimulator of cell renewal and a magnificent combatant against skin ageing, and in our case, especially in the beauty of hands, feet and body.

Fruit is a product with a high content of vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants and very moisturising.

Onna Therapy your personal care designed by professionals...

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