La fruta aplicada a la cosmética

Fruit applied to cosmetics

Fruit is not only a healthy and appetising food, but it also contains a wide variety of nutritious and beneficial compounds. Many of these compound...

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Nuestra Historia

Our History

Onna Therapy was born with the premise of creating effective and sustainable cosmetics with the utmost respect for nature. Onna Therapy responds t...

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¿Qué son los superalimentos?

What are superfoods?

What are superfoods? Superfoods are the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet and have been used for thousands of years by in...

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Piel seca

Dry skin

Piel seca Una piel sana se encuentra repleta de vitalidad y elasticidad. Sin embargo, en invierno corremos el riesgo de que los niveles de hidra...

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