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Article: Foot Fungus: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Hongos en los pies: Síntomas, tratamiento y prevención

Foot Fungus: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Los hongos en los pies son una infección fúngica provocada normalmente por dermatofitos ( Tinea pedís ). Esta enfermedad, también conocida como micosis en los pies o pie de atleta, suele aparecer principalmente entre los dedos de los pies y es una afección bastante molesta que puede provocar síntomas como picazón, descamación y ardor en el área.

mycosis of the feet, a fungal infection that is much more difficult to eliminate. But why does foot fungus appear? What are the possible symptoms and how can we avoid this infection? If you want these answers, we recommend that you continue reading this article where we explain you what you need to know about this fungal condition.

Why do you get foot fungus?

As mentioned above, foot fungus or mycosis is an infectious disease caused by microorganisms known as dermatophytes. The appearance of these fungi on the cakes or athlete's foot is usually caused by causes such as being frequently in a , the constant wearing of shoes or socks that do not breathe well or putting them on with the cakes still wet when getting out of the shower or swimming pool. In addition to this, the risk of mycosis in this region of the body is affected by the following factors:

  • Frequent use of tight-fitting shoes.
  • Barefoot walking (especially in showers, changing rooms, saunas or public swimming pools)
  • One of the most common characteristics of foot fungus is that it is a highly contagious condition. This fungal infectioncan be transmitted by direct contact with the affected area of a person with the condition, or by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, such as shoes, towels and floors.




These are the main symptoms of athlete's foot :

  • Other characteristic symptoms are itching (especially after removing shoes) and desquamations.
  • In some types of foot fungus, and especially when the fungus has progressed too far when left untreated, other signs such as blistering and ulcers on the toes, as well as dryness and flaking on the soles have also been reported.
  • Due to the itching caused by this fungal infection it is quite common to scratch, which can infect other parts of our body. If left untreated, foot fungus can spread to areas such as the nails in this part of the body, producing onychomycosis, and can also spread to the hands or groin, causing what is known as jock itch. So, if you have more similar symptoms on other parts of the body, it is possible that the fungus has spread.



As we have already mentioned, it is very important that if you have any of the above symptoms you treat this infection as soon as possible, this way you will prevent it from progressing and infecting other areas of the skin. 


Generally, the treatments usually indicated to eliminate foot fungus are medications with an antifungal effect that eliminate foot fungus, or that reduce the pH of the skin in this area to hinder and slow down the growth of this type of microorganism.

However, whichever treatment you are using, it is important that the application is constant, i.e. it is essential that you use it for the weeks indicated in the leaflet of the medicine to put a definitive end to this type of infection, otherwise it could reappear.



Although it is common to suffer from foot fungus, it is also possible to avoid it with the following recommendations to prevent foot fungus:


Feet fungus:


The first sign that may lead us to suspect contact is the appearance of reddish scaly rashes in the region of the toes.

  • Try to dry your feet, especially between the toes, after every bath or shower
  • Maintain proper foot hygiene and change your socks daily.
  • Always wear flip-flops or water shoes when in public areas such as swimming pools, showers, saunas or locker rooms.
  • Wear shoes that promote breathability to prevent moisture build-up. It is important to avoid footwear made of materials such as rubber or vinyl.

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