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There is one undeniable fact that affects us all: more and more polluting products and compounds are being produced, which are negatively affecting our planet. If we as a society do not do something to stop this, we could have strong negative consequences.

If we as a society do not do something to stop this, we could have strong negative consequences.

Sadly, one of the industries that generates the most polluting waste is cosmetics. That's why, in recent years, products have begun to be made with natural ingredients that are less invasive to the ecosystem, which has led to the emergence of environmentally friendly brands. One such brand is Onna Therapy.

At Onna Therapy we believe that humanity must begin to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, which goes far beyond the use of renewable energy, but also encompasses the use of personal care products made from natural ingredients. They will not only reduce the footprint we leave on the ecosystem, but will also help us to maintain a healthy body in every way.

Our products are paraben free

How many beauty products do you apply before going to bed? Do you know what ingredients they contain? If the answer is no, you should take a look at the ingredient label on those items and find out what you're putting on your skin.

What's the difference?

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients in conventional cosmetics can be harmful to your health. These include parabens.

Parabens are one of them.

Do you know what they are? Find out why you need to stop using them and switch to natural cosmetics, like the one we offer you at Onna Therapy.

What are parabens?

Parabens are a chemical component that is used in cosmetic products in order to keep them stable for longer.

That is, parabens are preservatives, so their function is to act as a blocker of batteries and microbes that may appear in beauty products. In other words, they have a bactericidal and fungicidal function.

Parabens have a bactericidal and fungicidal function.

However, several researches and studies argue that parabens may be endocrine disrupting components, i.e. they alter the level of hormones in the body. In the long term, this could lead to various diseases and pathologies.

Parabens may also be endocrine disruptors.

As if that were not enough, these compounds cause damage to our planet's aquatic environments. It is therefore essential to buy paraben-free products. Not only for the care of our body, but also for the maintenance of the ecosystem.

Is there such a thing as natural parabens?

Are there natural parabens?

In the face of the damage that parabens can cause, many people wonder whether "natural parabens" exist. The answer is that they do exist, and these are nothing more than preservatives that can be easily found in nature.

In ancient times, salt and vinegar were used in order to preserve certain foods, such as fish, vegetables, vegetables, among others.

Salt and vinegar were used to preserve certain foods, such as fish, vegetables, vegetables, among others.

Several studies have determined that there are foods and fruits with natural parabens, which perform the same function as synthetic preservatives, with the difference that they are safer for health.

Some studies have determined that there are foods and fruits with natural parabens, which perform the same function as synthetic preservatives, with the difference that they are safer for health.

Among the main foods containing natural parabens are carrots, cucumbers and blueberries. These foods are used to make 100% natural cosmetics. In the case of these foods, their preservative properties are provided by para-hydroxybenzoic acid, a natural substance that is also produced by the human body through the decomposition of food.

Among the cosmetic products we offer at Onna Therapy you can find different creams that use fruits, vegetables and natural oils as active ingredients. Of course, each one is free of synthetic parabens, offering the utmost safety.

They are also free of synthetic parabens, offering the utmost safety.

Advantages of our paraben-free cosmetics

When you use personal care products that are free of parabens, such as those offered by Onna Therapy, you get incredible benefits for your skin. And these cosmetics stand out for having the following characteristics:

  • They are healthier. As they do not contain preservative chemicals that are harmful to the body, natural cosmetics are an excellent beauty product and an ally, both for the skin and the environment.
  • They bring more nutrients to the skin. Natural cosmetics penetrate the skin more easily, allowing the skin to absorb all their nutrients. They are ideal for all skin types, and in turn prevent allergies caused by the chemicals present in commercial products.
  • They are ideal for all skin types.
  • They minimise imperfections. Natural products are more effective in disguising wrinkles caused by ageing and the action of the sun's rays.
  • They are ideal for all skin types, and prevent allergies caused by the chemicals present in commercial products.
  • Natural products are ideal for all skin types.
  • They are gentler. Each of the cosmetic products made from natural ingredients contains vegetable and mineral substances that soften the face and all the skin of the body, making them less aggressive.
  • Suitable for everyone. The paraben-free products offered by Onna Therapy can be used on all skin types and regardless of age. In addition, they are ideal for those with sensitive skin, avoiding the redness and burning that often occurs with conventional creams..

Knowing all the benefits of purchasing products labelled as "paraben free", the best thing to do is to buy them. This way you will not only be taking care of your skin and your organism in general, but you will also be contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Our products are sulphate-free

Many cosmetics manufacturers promote the use of sulphates in their products, claiming to care for the environment when in fact the facts prove otherwise. However, at Onna Therapy each of our products is properly labelled and tested to be free of sulphates, to remove any doubt in this regard.

Such is the case with Onna Therapy products.

Like parabens, sulphates are another chemical compound widely used by the cosmetology industry as a cleansing agent. To identify them, they are often referred to as "sulfate" in a product's ingredient list.

They are often referred to as "sulphates".

However, there are different types of sulphates, and not all of them share the same characteristics. In fact, some of the sulphates are considered "safe" and their use is permitted in the field of natural cosmetics.

The main sulphate used by conventional cosmetics is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It is one of the most commonly used, because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other compounds. This sulphate can irritate the skin, which is why we at Onna Therapy do not include it among the ingredients in our products.

Turtle at sea

Our products are microplastic-free

The United Nations estimates that if humanity continues at its current rate of consumption, by 2050 the oceans will have more plastic than fish. These statistics forecast a grim future, as plastics kill hundreds of mammals and birds every year.

The main problem with plastics is that the oceans are becoming more plastic than fish.

The main problem with conventional cosmetics is precisely that they contain small plastic particles (also called "microplastics" because they measure less than 1 mm), as many manufacturers add them for their ability to remove impurities. For example, it is quite common to find these microparticles in exfoliating scrubs.

Due to its unique micro-particle structure, it can be used to remove impurities.

Due to their small size, these microplastics are difficult to filter and remove from water, which is why they find their way into seas, rivers and oceans via sewage. There is no doubt that these compounds negatively affect the life of marine species, not to mention that they can cause damage to the bodies of people who ingest food contaminated with these microparticles.

Instead of using micro-particles, the use of micro-particles in the food chain can also be a source of harm to the environment.

Instead of using microplastics, the best alternative is to use grain of natural origin. This ingredient also has the ability to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, producing even better results. At Onna Therapy we offer you these kinds of products, 100% free of the tiny plastic particles. With this you won't be polluting the environment, not to mention your skin will look beautiful.

What's more, you won't be polluting the environment, not to mention your skin will look beautiful.

How can you tell whether or not a cosmetic contains microplastics? These compounds are known as "Polyethylene" (or "Polyethylene"). So, if you see this compound on the ingredients label, it would be best to discard the product and opt for one of the ones we offer at Onna Therapy. Remember that saving the planet is everyone's commitment.

Saving the planet is everyone's commitment.

Main reasons to use natural cosmetics

As stated at the beginning of this article, cosmetics is one of the industries with the greatest negative impact on the environment. Thousands of containers, products with polluting agents and waste are generated every year, which end up deteriorating the seas, lakes and rivers

This is why it is becoming increasingly necessary to use natural cosmetics, with products designed to care for the environment and where positive partnerships are established with government entities related to the care of ecosystems.

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves and have porcelain skin, but we must be aware of the negative impact these products have on the earth. Contrary to what many activists believe, it is not necessary to renounce the use of cosmetics in order to preserve the environment, but rather to use natural cosmetics.

What is important is to use natural cosmetics.

How do you know if you are buying a natural cosmetic product?

How do you know if you are buying a natural cosmetic product?

To know that the product is free of harmful agents and pollutants, it is not enough just to look at the labels, but you must also analyse a couple of factors:

  • Certified. Natural cosmetics are endorsed and certified by recognised organic bodies, such as the Soil Association, CosmeBio, NaTrue, BDIH, Ecocert, etc. Do not fall for the deception of many brands that create their own "100% natural" label but do not present any endorsement of this claim.
  • Read the ingredients contained in the product. This is very important. Many people just take a quick glance at the label. While that is fine, reading the ingredients it contains should not be neglected. In general, the elements and compounds present in cosmetics are named in order from most to least, according to the amount that is present in the products, following the international laws of cosmetic nomenclature (INCI). Thus, the first ingredients you see are the ones that are present in the greatest quantity, so they are the most important. Make sure they are not parabens, sulphates or microplastics.

At Onna Therapy we not only have certification that our products are environmentally friendly, but we also provide you with the ingredients that each item contains, so you can read it and see for yourself that they are free from harmful elements.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care for your skin.

We are committed to making a positive impact

When it comes to preserving the ecosystem, every action counts, no matter how small it may seem. There are many people who say things like "by buying this product I'm not harming the environment as much as big industries do", but they forget that every small purchase is what keeps industries going.

We are committed to making a positive impact.

Also, as a well-known phrase goes, "what you do may seem like a small drop, but don't forget that the ocean would be less big if it lacked that drop". Therefore, we really must not forget the importance of the conscious consumption of natural cosmetics.

With our products we not only offer you the guarantee of obtaining incredible results, but we also give nature a break by not producing polluting components. Each one of the products we offer you has as active ingredients fruits, vegetables or essential oils of great purity that do not harm the environment.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the world. That's why we not only produce cosmetics based on natural ingredients, but also work closely with eco-initiatives and partners involved in finding new ways to maintain a positive contact with our planet.

Our main goal is to provide you with the best skincare products, without having a negative impact on our planet. Every effort we make is focused on achieving this goal.

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