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Article: Why do I have dry skin?

Productos de cosmética

Why do I have dry skin?

Why do I have dry skin and how can I combat it? First of all, you should know that cosmetic products based on natural formulations such as Aloe Vera or Jojoba Oil are extraordinary remedies to combat it.

Furthermore, dry skin is a very common condition that occurs at all ages. Those who suffer from it present roughness and a feeling of tightness, but also flakes or itching in the most acute cases. Therefore, in addition to going to medical specialists, it is important to purchase specially formulated cosmetics, as well as adopt routines that promote proper hydration and beauty of our skin.

Why does our skin dry out?

Dry skin ( xerodermia ) has different causes and its symptoms can worsen in case of lack of hydration, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, overexposure to the sun or when using aggressive cosmetics and soaps. We also point out that excessive bathing and its duration can alter the pH and, consequently, dry the skin.

Basic care to avoid dry skin

While it is important to see dermatologists when pain or inflammation occurs, in most cases dry skin responds well to home remedies. In this sense, the application of certain natural cosmetic products is very effective, as well as changes in lifestyle, starting with drinking a lot of water.

Products that cannot be missing in your daily hydration kit

To start our care ritual on the right foot, it is important to have products that balance our pH, provide maximum hydration and protect us against external aggressors such as the sun. Below, we suggest some products with which we can achieve these objectives.

  • Onna Therapy intensive emulsion for Velvet hands. When it comes to taking care of our skin, we often forget an essential area: our hands. These crack and dry easily. To start taking care of them, nothing like the Velvet restorative cream . It contains cocoa extracts, blueberry aroma and coconut, jojoba, vine seed, aloe vera and almond oils, which complete the nutritional action to optimize results.

  • Onna Therapy After Sun Rosehip Moisturizing Cream . This lotion cares for and balances dry, aged or sun-irritated skin, thanks to its formula with Aloe Vera, Rosehip and Shea Butter.
  • Onna Therapy Mandarin Ice Cream Emulsion. With this ultra-hydrating cream for daily use, we not only hydrate the skin of our feet and legs to the maximum. We also soften, relax and refresh them because it contains a powerful mandarin-based mixture.

  • Of course, this is just a small selection of all the alternatives you can find at Onna Therapy. So don't hesitate, check out our full offer on our website and start pampering your skin with the best natural cosmetics.

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