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Article: Manicure trends Fall - Winter 2022

Tendencias manicura Otoño - Invierno 2022
cuidado de manos

Manicure trends Fall - Winter 2022

Pay attention to the shape of the nail: this autumn - winter 2022 season changes to become more balanced and less extreme, a Yes to oval or almond-shaped nails . Forget about square or pointed nails in impossible lengths, we will only stick with the square shape in short nails. Rounded nails are the key to a discreet and low-maintenance manicure, one of the trends that will be sweeping in fall 2022, continuing with the clean girl aesthetic that has prevailed in the latest beauty looks of the season.

Styles and colors:

French manicures 2.0 continue, with different colors or different positions. It will be another of the big trends that make up the new fashion manicure for this fall-winter 22-23.

According to the catwalks, abstract nail art will be seen in fall manicures. These combine organic shapes through points and lines on a transparent base, but the secret to making them look authentic and avant-garde is to play with trendy tones and finishes.

Green and you will be right!

Moss, khaki, bottle, lime, olive... The color green continues to stand out for this fall, and it will also be one of the most glamorous tones of the season. They combine perfectly with your most autumnal looks and make the perfect contrast with purples and oranges.

autumn tones

Brown and earth tones are also very present in this fall's trends. For those who like matte tones they are ideal.


In the fall-winter fashion show season, reds were dominant and revived the power of this classic. You can never go wrong with a red, nor with a burgundy red!

Treatments: moisturizing and nourishing hand creams, without a doubt, continue to be an essential hit. Remember that a manicure looks better on a beautiful hand that is well cared for with quality products .

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