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Relaxing hand massage

Salons and spas usually offer to do a purely aesthetic version of the hand massage, without any therapeutic steps or techniques.

The objective they have is to help hydrate them, exfoliate dead skin and take care of your nails with beauty products.

Their friction is superficial, focusing more on the application of products such as creams and nourishing oil that can be absorbed with the massage.

But there are therapies that also help relieve tired hands with the heat of movement and pressure, and exercise them at the same time.

Several steps of pressure, stretching, friction and mobilization are carried out that help the muscles of the different parts of each hand.

This, in addition to promoting circulation and drainage, makes the hand exercise and maintains its flexibility.

Being able to bend or straighten the palms, wrists and each joint of the fingers depends not only on the bones, but also on these muscles.

Hand reflexology massage

Reflexology is a branch of digital puncture that many masseuses study especially as an alternative to help the health of each person.

Its particular properties: You learn a way to do indirect therapies to relieve areas that are very sensitive to touch or pressure.

It works according to the map of the body's energy points, which determines that the feet, hands and head connect directly to the rest of our body.

These areas are 5% to 20% more sensitive than any other part of your body due to having a greater number of energy meridians and nerves.

The points in the hand and foot massage are perfect reflections for each step of the body treatment.

The right hand and foot reflect all the organs on the right side of your body, the same goes for the left side.

Through reflexology therapy on the hands, treatments can be given with extra steps focusing on different organs and glands of the body.

In addition, they can provide additional benefits by applying natural herbal products to the skin and nails, nourishing them and reducing inflammation of deep tissues, muscles, joints and bones.

Paraffin massages

We call paraffin hand massages those massages that previously include a paraffin bath. These can be done by professionals (at the spa, beauty center, etc.) or at home (using simple paraffin heaters and some type of masseuse or massager). The result is well-hydrated hands and nails (thanks to the paraffin and cream you use at the end of the massage) and a reactivation of blood circulation with all the benefits that this entails, including relaxation and relief from fatigue and stress. (thanks to the massage).

Swedish Massage

It is a type of massage that improves blood circulation, eliminating toxins and removing muscle adhesions.

Swedish massage techniques include: long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, outpouring and shaking movements. Swedish massage is primarily a relaxation massage style that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Use the Velvet Hand Emulsion cream to perform these massages.

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