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Oil Rain Drops - Cuticle Oil

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Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin in the cuticle area. Its aroma with natural oils leaves a pleasant lavender sensation and prevents accelerated cuticle growth.

Content: 40ml

Active Ingredients: Almond Oil, Tocopherol Oil, Avocado Oil, Pomegranate Aroma.



Rich in vitamins (A,B,D,E,K), folic acid and potassium, it acts as an antioxidant and has a protective and regenerative effect while being highly softening, emollient and moisturising.


Rich in Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein. Emollient and nourishing properties providing elasticity and luminosity to the skin


Tocopherol oil or vitamin E acts primarily as an antioxidant by neutralising free radical damage


Rich source of tannins, amino acids, vitamins (A, C, E) and minerals. It has antioxidant properties and allows the skin to regain its natural suppleness and elasticity, as well as providing an astringent action.


Oil Rain Drops - Cuticle Oil
Oil Rain Drops - Cuticle Oil Sale price$6.78

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