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Article: How to be a cosmetics distributor

Cómo ser distribuidor de cosméticos

How to be a cosmetics distributor

How to be a cosmetics distributor ? In this post we detail some keys so that you can focus your professional profile in a booming sector, especially when it comes to the sale of natural formulas. Because, yes, natural cosmetics are in fashion. And no daily care kit is no longer missing aloe vera, jojoba oil or vitamin C as the main ingredients of our beauty products.

So more and more people are interested in the distribution and sale of cosmetics like the ones we offer at Onna Therapy. Do you also want to be part of this professional area? Keep reading!

What does a cosmetics distributor do?

Cosmetic distributors function as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the consumer, being able to carry out their activity independently. This allows them to not only have the ability to interact with department stores and other wholesale delivery outlets. They also carry out personalized sales work (door to door).

But the distributor's tasks go beyond sales. Specifically, they coordinate delivery and classify merchandise, returning discontinued items to the manufacturer.

Consequently, they guarantee the adequate assortment of cosmetic products, especially for small businesses, which is why they are an essential part of the sales circuit.

Business opportunities as a distributor

Being a cosmetics distributor is a very profitable activity that can be favored through networks of medium-sized companies, as well as at sector fairs and conventions.

Furthermore, to offer truly attractive and innovative products, distributors can track the latest trends to capture the attention of the target audience.

But if there is an essential step to be a successful cosmetics distributor, it is direct contact with the company. Thus, the chances of occupying this position will be greater. Consequently, you have the opportunity to participate in fairs and events with the company with which you want to publicize the product, talk directly with its representatives and, ultimately, reach a greater number of interested parties.

In summary, being a cosmetics distributor with projection requires:

  • Analyze the market.
  • Create direct contact with the brand.
  • Design an intelligent business plan that captures the attention of buyers.
  • Define the distribution conditions to maximize the profitability of the activity.
  • Generate solid alliances through direct contact with brands and suppliers.
  • Obtain legal advice for the constitution of contracts.
  • Do you want to be part of a booming sector and develop your profile as a cosmetics distributor ? Contact Onna Therapy ! We have an extraordinary offer of natural cosmetics.


    Buenas tardes, soy de San Juan, Argentina y me gustaría distribuir su marca. Muchas gracias, estamos en contacto, saludos.

    Valeria Robles

    Quiero ser distribuidor necesito catálogo he información

    Alejandra Pacheco Orihuela

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